Insurance & Risk Management Assessment

insurance2Your successful financial future is our goal. Knowing this, and knowing that the people you care most about are extremely important to you, we work hard to inform our clients about the appropriate levels of insurance protection that should be in place to protect against all types of potential loss. We review your particular circumstances and make specific recommendations tailored to your personal situation and life stage.
At Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, risk management evaluation includes comprehensive recommendations for the appropriate levels of insurance coverages that our clients would need to cover any potential loss due to disability, death and long term care needs for later in life. The risk management analysis will also include appropriate levels of home, automobile and additional liability protection based on your specific circumstances and financial situation. Plan recommendations will also include how to structure your available health insurance, so as to balance premiums with benefits in the most efficient manner, and to possibly take advantage of a high-deductible Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account, if those options are available.Savings
Without appropriate insurance protection soundly in place, even the best financial plans can be derailed or thrown off-course. At Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, it is extremely important to us to ensure that our clients are properly insured to protect their assets, and their loved ones, from potential loss. And with all specific recommendations being balanced against the potential risk, the reward, and the cost of coverage associated with each area, you will be confident that your premium expenses are working within your overall financial plan to the fullest extent.
Working with your insurance professionals, Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, can help you determine your overall insurance needs and then help you implement a suitable and cost effective plan that meets your budget, as well as your current and future life stages.

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