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taxAs the old saying goes, "nothing is certain in life except for death and taxes", and we all know which one of these items is the more complicated issue. With the help of your experienced tax professional, Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, will work with you to coordinate your financial plan to help you minimize your current tax obligations, take advantage of the tax deferred and tax free investment vehicles available to you, and help you maximize your educational and retirement savings within this framework. Working together, Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, can help you make sure that every available dollar can, and will be, used in the manner in which you would like. With specific investment vehicles, which include 401K Plans, 529 College Savings Plans, Health Savings Plans, SEP Self Employed Retirement Plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), we can help you structure a financial plan that addresses the most efficient manner to optimize your personal assets within the current and future tax landscape.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with paying taxes to continue the legacy of this great country in which we live, but there is also absolutely nothing wrong with not paying more in taxes than you are obliged and obligated to contribute. Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, along with your qualified tax adviser, will help you navigate this complicated area of your finances to make sure that you are being as prudent within this area of your finances as possible.

It is your money, and you know best how to use it.

"Your financial success is our passion"

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