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Fotolia 88569825 XSAt Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, our philosophy is that relationships are long term, and that they are built on trust and confidence. We care about our clients and their families. We know each of our clients on a personal level and we care about their concerns and their goals for the future. This is a deeply held business commitment and the foundation of our firm.

We believe that you should feel comfortable with our strategy before committing to our services, therefore there is no obligation to move forward after our initial first “get to know you” meeting. After this initial meeting, we have a planning process designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the specific services that you are interested in, whether it be a one-time engagement on how best to plan for a child’s education, a comprehensive Financial Plan, or an on-going portfolio management agreement.
Within the introductory meeting, we will review our firm’s services, and our overall investment philosophy. We will discuss your current financial situation and determine what your short, intermediate, and long term financial objectives are at the current time. If it is determined that you would like for us to provide services, we will collect your financial data for analysis and determine to what extent we can be of service. After an analysis period we will have a follow-up meeting for us to present our financial evaluation, discuss and review your objectives based on this information, and discuss strategy options. At this point we will develop and help you implement the plan and strategies to the extent of the level of our engagement agreement. And at your discretion, clientwe can monitor your plan to the degree that you feel most comfortable.
Once the level of services is determined, we will have an official ‘Client Engagement Agreement’ which will confirm the scope of the project to be done and the cost of this project. Our fee-only pricing structure is based on an hourly rate, or on a percentage of assets to be managed for investment portfolio management services. Please see the services area of our website for a description of each available service.
Your first step is to contact our office. We will get you more information about our firm and how you may wish to prepare for our initial meeting. Our Client Brochure, which describes how we do business can be found here.

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