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Our Mission and Core Values

reagan550bOur mission at Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, is to give our clients financial peace of mind by providing a comprehensive roadmap for achieving their short, intermediate, and long term financial goals and objectives. This proactive roadmap is born of all-inclusive financial planning and investment management. By our providing sound financial information, we believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to help you reach them. And we understand the importance of trust when it comes to something as critical as your financial future. Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, values this trust by building strong customer relationships by working with integrity, collaboration and full transparency with everything that we do and provide for our clients.

Investment Philosophy

At Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, we believe in the merits of Modern Portfolio Theory, which is that the assets in an investment portfolio should not be selected individually. Rather, it is important to consider the relationship of each asset’s performance to all of your other assets. This is why we believe in all-inclusive financial planning. By taking a comprehensive look at your entire financial picture, we can start to tailor the best overall plan for you, your family, or your business.

The Advantages of Independence

We are not paid by any of the investment choices or products that we recommend. Our open platform lets us help you select the investment vehicles that best suit your needs. Because of our independence and fee-only approach, we are able to offer truly objective advice and avoid any potential conflicts of interest inherent in commission based sales and products. This fee-only method aligns with the fiduciary standard of care we, as a Registered Investment Advisor, are bound to uphold.

Fiduciary Standardtrust

As a Registered Investment Advisor(RIA) with the state of Georgia, Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, is bound by the fiduciary standard of care. As a fiduciary for its clients, we are morally, legally, and ethically committed to always putting its clients’ interests first. We maintain the highest level of objectivity and diligence in everything that we do for our clients.


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