Education Expense Planning

educat1Considering the fact that education costs increase practically every year, your children’s future education will probably depend upon the savings and investments that you build up during their childhood. Over a recent five-year period, tuition cost increased 75% for students in the state of Georgia. At Reagan Financial Planning, LLC, we are equipped to help you navigate the available educational savings investment products designed for this purpose, and to help you determine the right choices for you and your children’s future educational cost. Whether it be a tax-free 529 Plan designed for college expenses where all investment gains can be used tax free if used for tuition and room & board, a Coverdale Educational Plan that can be used for any educational need, or just a standard mutual fund/savings account, we can help you set up and monitor how best to plan foreducat2 these future expenses. We will look at the numerous pros and cons associated with the current available investment products offered today and we will help you develop an action plan that you can implement immediately. A tax-free growth account will most likely be the best manner to attack this financial goal, but no matter what is determined to be your best plan of action, Reagan Financial Planning, LLC will help you prepare your family to address this extremely important goal. 
We know how important your children’s futures and educational aspirations are to you, and we are here to help you address and navigate this area of your financial planning to the best of your ability so that this goal can become a reality.

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